Thai Delicacy: 泰式臭草煎蛋 Thai Fried Egg with Cha Om (Thai herb)



1. 雞蛋 (5-6 隻)
2. 泰式臭草(1 扎,適量)
3. 魚露 (約 1-1.5 湯匙)
4. 糖(1 茶匙)
5. 白胡椒粉 (適量)

1.1 沿著莖,只摘出臭草的嫩葉
1.2 在碗內,用熱水溶解一些鹽製成鹽水
1.3 將鹽水與更多的冷水混合
1.4 將臭草的葉子浸泡在鹽水中 15 分鐘
2. 在碗裡打幾個雞蛋
3. 白鑊炒臭草的葉至略乾身
4. 將炒乾了的臭草葉與打散的雞蛋混合
5. 用魚露、糖和白胡椒調味,拌勻
6. 用中火加熱煎鍋,加入油
7. 倒入蛋液,蓋上鍋蓋,中小火煎至一面金黃
8. 當上面的蛋液幾乎煮熟時,煎另一面
9. 煎至兩面金黃。 然後就大功告成了!

1. 最好先在雞蛋中加入調味料,然後才加入臭草


~.~Recipe of Thai Fried Egg with Cha Om~.~.~

This is a very local dish in Thailand. SumLook's father cooks this dish for us from time to time. Cha Om has very unique aroma, and it goes surprisingly well with fried egg. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can make 4-5 persons portion

1. Eggs (5-6)
2. Cha Om (Thai herb)(1 bunch, some)
3. Fish Sauce (1-1.5 Tbsp)
4. Sugar(1 tsp)
5. White Pepper (some)

How to cook:
1. First prepare the Cha Om:
1.1 Along the stem, pick out only leaves of Cha Om
1.2 In a bowl, dissolve some salt with hot water to make brine
1.3 Mix the brine with more cold water
1.4 Soak the leaves of Cha Om in the brine for 15 minutes
2. Whisk some eggs in a bowl
3. Fry the leaves of Cha Om without oil until they are a bit dry
4. Mix the dry leaves with the whisked eggs
5. Season with fish sauce, sugar and white pepper, mix well
6. Heat up the frying pan over medium fire, and add in oil
7. Pour in the egg mixture, put the lid on, fry over medium low heat until one side is golden
8. When the egg mixture on top is almost cooked, fry the other side
9. Fry until both sides are golden. Then it is done!

Personal tips and thoughts:
1. It is better to add the seasoning into the eggs first then the herbs

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Happy cooking!