Thai Fried Noodle with Brown Gravy (Rat Na) 泰式美食: 泰式濕炒河或米粉



1. 米粉或河粉 (適量)
2. 芥蘭 (適量)
3. 甘荀.胡蘿蔔 (適量)
4. 草菇 (適量)
5. 豬肉* (適量)
6. 蒜頭 (3 瓣)
7. 普寧豆醬 (1.5 湯匙)
8. 醬油 (1-2 湯匙)
9. 糖(1 茶匙)
10. 白胡椒粉 (適量)
11. 粟粉 (適量)
12. 蔴油 (適量)
13. 熱水 (1.5-2杯)
*豬肉先用醬油 、糖和油醃好

1.1 豬肉先用醬油 、糖和油醃好
1.2 用沸水煮草菇5分鐘,去除水上面的泡沫
1.3 先把芥蘭的大葉子切下,去掉莖皮,並將主莖切成合適的大小。將花的部分去掉,在莖的末端剪一個小縫
1.4 將米粉放入沸水中,將米粉鬆開,然後關火。將米粉浸在熱水中至軟身,然後瀝乾。用中火炒米炒,加少許醬油調味。將米粉煎成餅狀,煎至兩面有些酥脆
2. 製作芡汁
2.1 炒大蒜和炒豬肉至 80% 熟
2.2 加入芥蘭的莖和甘荀.胡蘿蔔,略炒
2.3 加入熱水
2.4 加入草菇
2.5 用普寧豆醬、醬油和糖調味
2.6 加入白胡椒粉,拌勻
2.7 加入芥蘭的葉,煮至略軟
2.8 加入粟粉水勾芡,直至你喜歡的稠度
2.9 加入一些麻油(可選)然後醬汁就完成了
3. 把醬汁淋在河粉或米粉上,加上少許炸過的蒜蓉(可選)
4. 這樣便完成了!

1. 蔬菜、肉類的選擇和分量可按個人喜好


~.~Recipe of Thai Fried Noodle with Brown Gravy (Rat Na)~.~.~

SumLook's father always cooks this dish for us. This recipe is orginal recipe for Rat Na and it is easy to make. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can make marinade for 2 servings of Sauce

Ingredients for Marinade:
1. Rice noodle (some)
2. Kale (some)
3. Carrot (some)
4. Straw Mushroom (some)
5. Pork* (some)
6. Garlic (3 cloves)
7. Puning Bean Sauce (1.5 Tbsp)
8. Soya Sauce (1-2 Tbsp)
9. Sugar(1 tsp)
10. White Pepper (some)
11. Cornstarch (some)
12. Sesame Oil (some)
13. Hot Water (1.5-2 cups)
*First marinade pork with soya sauce, sugar and oil

How to cook:
1. First prepare the ingredients:
1.1 Marinade the pork with soya sauce, sugar and oil
1.2 Boil the straw mushrooms in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove the foam on top
1.3 First cut the big leaves of Kale, and peel off the skin of stem. Cut the main stem into proper size. Remove the floral part and cut a small slit at the end of stem
1.4 Put the rice noodle in boiling water, loosen it, then turn off fire. Soak the rice noodle in hot water until it is soften then drain it. Fire the rice noodle over medium heat, season it with little soya sauce. Fry the rice noodle as a pancake and fry both sides until crispy
2. Making the Gravy/Sauce
2.1 Fry the garlic and fry the pork until 80% cooked
2.2 Add in the stem of kale and carrot, fry a bit
2.3 Add in hot water
2.4 Add in straw mushrooms
2.5 Season with Puning Bean Sauce, Soya Sauce and sugar
2.6 Add in white pepper, stir well
2.7 Add in the leaves of Kale, cook until a little bit soft
2.8 Add in cornstarch solution to thicken the sauce until your preferred thickness
2.9 Add in some sesame oil (optional) then the sauce is done
3. Pour the sauce onto the fried rice noodle, add some fried minced garlic (optional) on top
4. Then it is done!

Personal tips and thoughts:
1. Can choose your own meat and veggie, also the quantity of it

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Happy cooking!