Fry Pumpkin with Bacon and Spring Onion 香蔥煙肉炒南瓜 ( 孩子一定喜歡的營養高又容易做的菜式)

森綠常常煮這菜式給孩子們吃,營養高又容易做。很簡單易做! 以下是我的食譜,做法簡單,希望你們喜歡。


1. 南瓜 (半個,切片1-1.5厘米厚)
2. 煙肉.培根* (4 片,適量,切小段)
3. 蔥 (適量,切小段或粒)
4. 蒜頭 (3 瓣,切粒)
5. 熱水 (0.5 - 1 杯)
* 也可以不用煙肉.培根,仍十分美味

1.1 將煙肉.培根切小段
2. 用中火將培根煎熟(不需要很脆口)
3. 將培根從鍋中取出,備用
4. 用培根的油炒香蒜蓉
5. 加入南瓜,用中火略炒
6. 加入熱水,略煮
7. 加入培根同煮
8. 蓋上鍋蓋,煮至只有少量水分
9. 加些鹽和少許糖調味,略炒
10. 最後加入蔥花略炒
11. 這樣便完成了!

1. 不用煙肉.培根的話,味道也很純厚美味


~.~Recipe of Fry Pumpkin with Bacon and Spring Onion~.~.~

SumLook always cooks this dish for kids. This dish is highly nutritious but easy to make. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can make 4-5 servings

1. Pumpkin (half, sliced with 1-1.5cm thickness)
2. Bacon* (4 pieces, some, sliced)
3. Spring Onion (some, diced)
4. Garlic (3 cloves, diced)
5. Hot water (0.5 - 1 cup)
* can skip bacon and the dish is still very delicious

How to cook:
1. First prepare the ingredients:
1.1 Julienne bacon
2. Fry Bacon over medium heat until cooked (no need to be crispy)
3. Take out bacon from pan, set aside for later use
4. Fry garlic with oil from bacon
5. Add in Pumpkin, fry a bit over medium heat
6. Add in hot water, cook a bit
7. Add in bacon to cook together
8. Put the lid on, cook until little water remains
9. Season with salt and little sugar, fry a bit
10. At last, add in diced spring onion, fry a bit
11. Then it is done!

Personal tips and thoughts:
1. If bacon is not used, the dish is also very yummy with simple nice taste of pumpkin

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Happy cooking!