Char Siu Fried Rice 叉燒炒飯


這食譜可製作出大約 4 人份的叉燒炒飯

叉燒 . Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) (一大塊,切丁)
白飯 . Cooked Rice (約用1.5-2杯米煮成的白飯)
翠玉瓜 . Zucchini (1條,切丁)
胡蘿蔔 . Carrot (1/2條,切丁)
洋蔥 . Onion (1/2個,切丁)
雞蛋 . Egg (2-3隻,打成蛋漿)
蔥 . Spring Onion (適量,切蔥花)
豉油 . Soya Sauce (3 湯匙)
糖 . Sugar (2-3 茶匙)
鹽 . Salt (1 茶匙)

1. 中火熱鑊,加入油,略炒香洋蔥
2. 加入胡蘿蔔,略炒
3. 加入翠玉瓜和叉燒一起炒,略炒
4. 加鹽 (1/2 茶匙)和糖 (1 茶匙) 調味,略炒
5. 加入少許水 (約30 ml),炒至食材有點軟,離火備有
6. 在一個新鍋中,加入油,倒入雞蛋漿,略炒
7. 加入冷白飯,同炒均勻
8. 用醬油為炒飯調味,炒勻
9. 加入鹽 (1/2 茶匙)、糖 (1-2 茶匙) 和蔥花,炒勻
10. 將炒好的材料加入炒飯中,一起炒至飯乾身
11. 便完成了!

1. 炒飯的配料和份量可按個人喜好調整


~.~Recipe of Char Siu Fried Rice in English~.~

SumLook learned how to make home-made Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) and sometimes will make more to make fried rice for children's packed lunch. There is no MSG or additives at all. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4 persons.

Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) (1 big piece, diced)
Cooked Rice (cooked from 1.5-2 cups of rice)
Zucchini (1, diced)
Carrot (1/2, diced)
Onion (1/2, diced)
Egg (2-3, beaten egg)
Spring Onion (some, diced)
Soya Sauce (3 Tbsp)
Sugar (2-3 tsp)
Salt (1 tsp)

How to cook:
1. Over medium heat, add oil and fry onion a bit
2. Add carrot and fry a bit
3. Add Zucchini and Char Siu and fry a bit
4. Season with salt (1/2 tsp) and sugar (1 tsp), fry a bit
5. Add little water (about 30 ml) and fry until ingredients are a bit soft, then set aside
6. In a new wok, heat up oil and pour in beaten eggs, fry a bit
7. Add in cold cooked white rice, fry and mix well together
8. Season the fried rice with soya sauce, mix well
9. Add salt (1/2 tsp), sugar (1-2 tsp) and spring onion, fry and mix well
10. Add the fried ingredients into fry rice, fry together until no sauce remains
11. Then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. The vegetables can be changed to personal favourite vegetables and the amount can also be adjusted accordingn to personal preference

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Happy cooking!