Basic: How to Prepare Pork Back Ribs 如何準備豬肋骨.大排骨


1. 大排骨.豬肋骨 (2 磅)
2. 京蔥 (1-2 棵)
3. 蔥 (2-3 棵)
4. 薑 (數片)
5. 米酒 (1 小蓋)

1. 首先清洗好豬肋骨
2. 用清水浸泡豬肋骨2小時
3. 浸泡期間,浸泡豬肋骨1小時後需要換水
4. 浸泡後,將豬肋骨放回一鍋新的冷水中
5. 加入蔥、京蔥和姜
6. 然後中火煮沸
7. 當水快要沸騰時,加入少許米酒
8. 當水煮沸後,轉中小火煮
9. 不時清除漂浮的殘留物以保持水清澈
10. 如果鍋裡沒有足夠的水,可以加入熱水
11. 在30分鐘或所需時間後,取出豬肋骨
12. 最後,將煮好的豬肋骨排骨洗乾淨並拍乾。現在它們已可用於烹飪



~.~.~How to Prepare Pork Back Ribs in English~.~

This is how we prepare Pork Back Ribs at home to remove the unpresent smell and taste of pork. The key thing is not to boil the pork with hot water, rather put the pork into cold water then start to boil it. Hope this video is helpful to you.
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1. Pork Back Ribs (2 pounds)
2. Leek (1-2 stalks)
3. Spring Onion (2-3 stalks)
4. Ginger (a few slices)
5. Rice wine (1 small cap)

How to cook:
1. First wash and rinse the back ribs
2. Soak the back ribs with a lot of water for 2 hours
3. In between, change water after soaking back ribs for 1 hour
4. After soaking, put back ribs in a pot of new cold water
5. Add in spring onion, leek and ginger
6. Then boil over medium heat
7. When it is about to boil, add in some Chinese rice wine
8. When water boils, turn to medium low heat to boil
9. Remove the residue afloat from time to time to keep water clear
10. Add hot water if there is not enough water in the pot
11. Take out the back ribs after 30 minutes or the time you like
12. Lastly, rinse the cooked ribs and pat dry. Now they are ready to be used for cooking

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Happy cooking!