Basic: How to Prepare Fish Broth 如何準備魚湯


1. 鯇魚尾 (一條)*
2. 蔥 (2-3 棵)
3. 薑 (數片)
4. 粟粉.玉米澱粉 (適量)

1. 將魚尾洗淨並拍乾後,把兩邊的魚片切出來
2. 將粟粉塗抹在魚塊和魚尾骨的兩面
3. 煮沸一鍋水,然後放蔥和薑,一起煮沸
4. 在煮沸水時,在平底鍋中,用中火加熱油,然後加入薑片
5. 將魚塊和魚骨放入平底鍋中,煎至兩面金黃
6. 在翻魚塊時,別擔心弄碎魚塊,我們之後也會弄碎它的
7. 當魚塊兩面金黃時,取出薑片,然後開始把魚塊弄碎
8. 轉用中高火熱鍋,將1/2沸騰的薑蔥水倒入有魚塊的鍋中
9. 當湯再次沸騰時,將另1/2沸騰的薑蔥水倒入鍋中
10. 然後用中火再煮40分鐘
11. 然後關火,讓湯放涼
12. 去除漂浮在肉湯上的脂肪和殘留物
13. 將肉湯倒入篩子中,只保留湯水。不時擠壓魚肉,將內裡的肉湯和精華擠出
14. 這樣魚湯就做好了,可以用來煮其他菜式了

1. 當加水入已煎好的魚塊時,鍋和水都要夠熱,不然湯不會轉奶白
2. 可以分2-3次加水,每次加水後都要待湯再煮沸才再加熱水


~.~.~How to Prepare Fish Broth in English~.~

This is how we prepare fish broth. Fish broth can be used in many chinese dishes. Hope this video is helpful to you.
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1. Tail of Grass Carp (1)*
2. Spring Onion (2-3 stalks)
3. Ginger (a few slices)
4. Cornstarch (some)
* Can use the other kind of fish

How to cook:
1. After wash and pat dry the fish tail, cut out the fillet of both sides
2. Spread and rub cornstarch onto both sides of fillets and the fish tail
3. Boil a pot of water, then add in spring onion and ginger, boil together for a while
4. While boiling the water, over medium heat, heat up oil in a frying pan, then add ginger
5. Lay fish fillet and bone into the pan, fry both sides until golden
6. When flipping the fish, don't worry about crumbling the fish, we will crumble it later anyway
7. When both sides of fish are golden, remove ginger. Then start to break and crumble the fish
8. Turn to medium high heat, pour 1/2 of the boiling water (with spring onion and ginger) into the pan
9. When the soup boils again, add in another 1/2 of boiling water into the pan
10. Then boil for extra 40 minutes over medium fire
11. Turn off the fire, let the soup cool down
12. Remove the fat and residue floating on the broth
13. Pour the broth through a sieve to keep only liquid. Press the fish meat in the sieve to squeeze out the broth and essence inside
14. Then the fish broth is done and ready to be used

Personal thought and Tips:
1. When we add water into the fish, both frying pan and the water need to be very hot to turn the broth into milky white
2. Do not add all the water at once; rather add the water in 2-3 batches. Every time after we add the water, we need to wait for the broth to boil again to add the other batch

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Happy cooking!