Bruno Sandwich Maker Recipe 三文治機食譜:夏威夷披薩 (鳳梨和火腿) Hawaiian Pizza (Pineapple and Ham)

森綠的小孩很喜歡吃夏威夷披薩 (鳳梨和火腿披薩),便試用 Bruno 三文治機 (Sandwich maker)來做這個披薩。森綠在蕃茄醬中加入了一些罐頭菠蘿汁,小孩們都蠻喜歡的。在此分享我的食譜,做法簡單,希望你們喜歡。


1. 火腿或煙肉.培根* (1 片,切小塊)
2. 罐頭菠蘿.鳳梨 (適量,切粒)
3. 意大利粉蕃茄醬 (3-4 湯匙)
4. 罐頭菠蘿汁 (1-2 湯匙)
5. 帕瑪森芝士 (2 湯匙)
6. 冷凍披薩餅皮 (見下圖)
* 如用煙肉.培根,要先略炒

1. 先預備材料:
1.1. 將火腿放入沸水中略焯,取出,然後切小塊
1.2. 如用煙肉.培根,先切小塊,然後用中火略炒
1.2.1 取出培根,用紙巾吸去多餘的油份
1.3. 將番茄醬和一些菠蘿汁混合
2. 將三明治機預熱 2 分鐘
3. 攤出冷凍的披薩餅皮,並切出兩個比三文治模具略大的長方形
4. 將披薩餅皮放在預熱的三明治機上
5. 根據模具的形狀,讓餡餅皮貼服其上,造出凹位
6. 在餅皮上放些番茄醬
7. 然後在上面撒一些帕瑪森芝士
8. 將火腿和菠蘿放在上面
9. 在邊緣位,將多餘的餡餅皮向內接疊
10. 先煮5分鐘看金黃的和煮熟程度 (因為不同披薩皮需時略有不同)
11. 如果披薩太多水份,可以在上面多加一些芝士
12. 再煮2-3分鐘(共約7-8分鐘)
13. 這樣完成了!

1. 在第9步驟,餡餅皮向內接疊的話,可以防止披薩的汁料向外溢出


~.~.~.Recipe of Hawaiian Pizza in English~.~.~.

SumLook's children love Hawaiian Pizza so much so I made it by Hot Sandwich maker. I have added some pineapple juice in can to mix with tomato sauce and my kids love it. It is easy to make with the Sandwich maker!

Here is our recipe. It is very to easy.
Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make 2 pizzas.

1. Ham or Bacon (1 piece, julienned)
2. Canned Pineapple (some, diced)
3. Tomato Sauce for pasta (3-4 Tbsp)
4. Juice from canned Pineapple (1 Tbsp)
5. Parmesan cheese (2 Tbsp)
6. Frozen Pizza dough (see pic below)
* If bacon is used, need to fry a bit beforehand

1. First preapre the ingredients:
1.1. Blanch the ham a bit in boiling water, then cut into small pieces
1.2. For bacon, cut it into small pieces then fry it over medium heat
1.2.1 Take out the bacon and absorb extra oil with paper towel
1.3 Mix the tomato sauce with some pineapple juice
2. Preheat sandwich maker for 2 minutes
3. Roll out the frozen pizza dough; cut out 2 rectangles that are slightly bigger than the sandwich maker mold
4. Lay the pizza dough on the pre-heated sandwich maker
5. Make shape according to the mold
6. Put some tomato sauce onto the dough
7. Add some Parmesan cheese on top
8. Lay ham and pineapple on top
9. At the edge, fold the excess crust inwards
10. First cook for 5 minutes to see how cooked it will be as different dough might require different amount of time to cook
11. If the pizza seems water, add some more cheese on top if you want
12. Cook for another 2-3 minutes(About 7-8 minutes in total)
13. Then it is done!

Personal thought and tips:
1. For step 9, the extra crust has to fold inwards to prevent the spill of the fillings

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Happy cooking!