Braised rice noodle with pork and preserved potherb mustard 雪菜肉絲炆米粉



1. 豬肉 (1/2 磅,切片或條)*
2. 雪菜 (1-2 棵,切粒)
3. 米粉 (1 包)
4. 粉絲 (1 包)
5. 芽菜 (適量)
6. 洋蔥 (1 個,切條)
7. 紅燈籠椒 (半個,切條)**
8. 蔥 (適量)
9. 熱水 (1.5-2杯)
* 豬肉先用油、豉油、糖和粟粉醃好
** 想辣些,可用辣椒代替

1. 糖 (1-2 茶匙)
2. 白胡椒粉 (適量)
3. 蠔油 (2-3 湯匙)
4. 豉油 (2-3 湯匙)
5. 芝麻油 (適量)

1.1 豬肉先用油、豉油、糖和粟粉醃好
1.2 將雪菜沖洗乾淨,然後擠乾。將雪菜浸泡20-30分鐘,然後擠乾,切丁
1.3 把粉絲浸泡,至略軟
1.4 將米粉放入沸水中,將米粉鬆開,然後關火。將米粉浸在熱水中至軟身,然後瀝乾
2. 不放油,中小火白鑊炒雪菜至乾身
3. 將雪菜放在一邊,加入油,將醃好的豬肉炒至半熟
4. 加入洋蔥,和豬肉,雪菜一起炒
5. 當洋蔥變軟時,加入紅甜椒,略炒
6. 加入熱水
7. 用蠔油、醬油、糖和白胡椒調味,略煮
8. 加入米粉,略炒
9. 加入粉絲。 煮至大部分醬汁被吸收
10. 加入蔥和芽菜,略炒
11. 最後加入少許麻油。 然後就大功告成了!

1. 在1.3 和1.4 步驟中,不要把米粉和粉絲浸得太軟,因為在煮的過程中它們會吸收調味料和變軟,這樣米粉的口感也較好
2. 浸雪菜的時間會因不同店或來源不同,在煮食時,調味料也因此要調整


~.~Recipe of Braised rice noodle with pork and preserved potherb mustard~.~.~

SumLook's family loves this dish so I learned how to make it. It is easy to make. This recipe is easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can make marinade for portion for 4-5 people

1. Pork (1/2 pound, sliced or julienned) *
2. Preserved Potherb Mustard (1-2 stalk)
3. Rice noodle (1 pack)
4. Vermicelli (1 pack)
5. Sprout (some)
6. Onion (1)
7. Red Bell pepper (1/2, julienned) **
8. Spring Onion (some)
9. Hot water (1.5-2 cups)
* Marinate the pork with oil, soya sauce, sugar and cornstarch
** Can replace with chilli for more spiciness

1. Sugar (2 tsp)
2. White Pepper (some)
3. Oyster Sauce (2-3 Tbsp)
4. Soya Sauce (2-3 Tbsp)
5. Sesame Oil (some)

How to cook:
1. First prepare the ingredients:
1.1 Marinade the pork with oil, soya sauce, sugar and cornstarch
1.2 Rinse and clean the Preserved Potherb Mustard, then squeeze it dry. Soak the preserved Potherb Mustard for 20-30 mins, then squeeze it dry. Dice the preserved Potherb Mustard
1.3 Soak Vermicelli until a bit soft
1.4 Put the rice noodle in boiling water, loosen it, then turn off fire. Soak the rice noodle in hot water until it is soften then drain it
2. Without oil, fry the preserved veggi over medium low heat unitl dry
3. Put preserved veggie on the side, add oil and fry the marinated pork
4. Add in onion, fry together with pork and preserved veggie
5. When the onion is soft, add in red bell pepper, fry a bit
6. Add in hot water
7. Season with oyster sauce, soya sauce, sugar and white pepper, cook a bit
8. Add in rice noodle, fry a bit
9. Add in Vermicelli. Fry until most of the sauce is absorbed
10. Add in Spring onion and sprout. Fry a bit
11. At last, add some sesame oil. Then it is done!

Personal tips and thoughts:
1. For step 1.3 and 1.4, avoid soaking the Vermicelli and rice noodle too long that it becomes too soft, because we would like it to soak up the soak later on
2. The time needed for soaking preserved Potherb Mustard might vary because of different sources or shops. Thus, the amount of seasonings also needs to be adjusted

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Happy cooking!