Bruno Ice Cream Maker Recipe 冰淇淋機食譜: 榛子巧克力雪糕 Hazelnut Chocolate Chips Ice Cream (香濃美味,必試的雪糕)

森綠早前做開心果雪糕,實在太好吃了,所以也想試做榛子雪糕,想到榛子和巧克力的味道很相配,所以也加入了巧克力碎。做出來的榛子巧克力雪糕的味道很好。下圖是森綠買的榛子醬 (from the nutter company)。在此分享我的食譜,做法簡單,希望你們喜歡。

這食譜可製作出 1 杯的雪糕

1. 榛子醬 (15 ml 或 1 湯匙)*
2. 巧克力碎 (適量)
3. 蛋黃 (1 個)
4. 牛奶 (120 ml)
5. 淡奶油 (30 ml)
6. 煉奶 (15 克)
7. 糖 (20 克)

1. 將牛奶倒入鍋中,小火加熱至將要沸騰
2. 關火。 把牛奶放在一邊冷卻
3. 將糖加入蛋黃中。 攪拌至稠且顏色發白
4. 將蛋液一點一點加入暖牛奶中,拌勻
5. 將雞蛋和牛奶混合物加熱至80-85度,然後關火
6. 將榛子醬加入牛奶混合物中,拌勻
7. 加入淡奶油和煉乳,拌勻
8. 用勺子幫助將混合物過篩,使其更加幼滑
9. 盡量將大部分榛子醬加入混合物中,黏在篩子外面的也不要遺留
10. 用打蛋器打散榛子醬,並拌勻混合物
10. 去除浮在混合物上面的泡沫
11. 將混合物倒入雪糕機中,加入巧克力碎
12. 調到“醇厚”
13. 大約100分鐘後,便完成了!

1. 想為雪糕定型的話,可以將雪糕放進紙杯內並放進冰箱雪藏
2. 當你加入巧克力片時,確保它們不會阻止冰淇淋機的攪拌器下降到底部


~.~.~.Recipe of Hazelnut Chocolate Chips Ice Cream~.~.~.

The Pistachio Ice Cream SumLook made was a big success so this time I would like to try out Hazelnut Ice-Cream. Since Hazelnut tastes so well with chocolate so I also added some chocolate chips. The taste was excellent. Below is the hazelnut butter I bought (from the nutter company).

Here is our recipe. It is very to easy to make.
Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make 1 big scoop of Ice Cream.

1. Hazelnut Butter (15 ml or 1 Tbsp)*
2. Chocolate Chips (some, optional)
3. Egg Yoke (1)
4. Milk (120 ml)
5. Whipping Cream (30 ml)
6. Condensed Milk (15 g)
7. Sugar (20 g)
*This hazelnut butter contains some cashews

1. Warm up the milk over low heat until it is about to boil
2. Turn off the fire. Set the milk aside to cool down
3. Add sugar into egg yolk. Blend until it is thick and pale in color
4. Add the egg mixture in to the warm milk bit by bit and mix well
5. Warm up the egg and milk mixture until 80-85 degrees then turn off the fire
6. Add hazelnut butter into the milk mixture and mix well
7. Stir in whipping cream and condensed milk, mix well
8. Use a spoon to help sieving the mixture through a sieve to make it extra smooth
9. Try to get most of the hazelnut butter into the mixture, including those outer side of the sieve
10. Use egg beater to unclump the hazelnut butter and mix well the mixture 10. Remove the foam on top of the mixture
11. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker, add in chocolate chips
12. Turn to "Hard"
13. After about 100 mins, then it is ready!

Personal thought and tips:
1. To shape up the ice cream, you can put it into a paper cup and freeze it in the fridge
2. When you add the chocolate chips, make sure they will not prevent the mixer of the ice-cream maker from going down to the bottom

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Happy cooking!