Bruno Ice Cream Maker Recipe 冰淇淋機食譜: 椰奶雪糕.冰淇淋 Coconut Milk Ice Cream


這食譜可製作出 1 杯的雪糕

1. 椰奶 (80 ml,看下圖)
2. 淡奶油 (40 ml)
3. 糖 (15 克)

1. 將糖加入淡奶油中
2. 將淡奶油打起至稠,打至可以形成一個小峰
中 3. 分三至四次把椰奶加入已打起的淡奶中,拌勻
4. 將混合物倒入篩子以確保其幼滑
5. 將混合物倒入雪糕機中,調到“醇厚”
6. 大約100分鐘後,便完成了!

1. 如想雪糕的質地硬些,可以把做好的雪球放進冰箱雪藏1-2小時
2. 雪糕機煮食時間會因食材溫度和其他因素而變化,要不小時查看雪糕的質地


~.~.~.Recipe of Coconut Milk Ice Cream in English~.~.~.

SumLook loves to drink this Coconut Milk (see pic below) so I used it to make ice cream. The ice cream came out quite well.

Here is our recipe. It is very to easy to make.
Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make 1 big scoop of Ice Cream.

1. Coconut Milk drink (80 ml, see pic below)
2. Whipping Cream (40 ml)
3. Sugar (15 g)

1. Add the sugar into the whipping cream
2. Whisk the whipping cream until thick and a peak can be formed
3. Bit by bit, mix well the coconut milk with the whipping cream
4. Pour the mixture through the sieve to make sure it is smooth
5. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker, can add some corn kernel, turn to "Hard"
6. After about 100 mins, then it is ready!

Personal thought and tips:
1. If you prefer the texture to be firmer, you can freeze the ice cream in the fridge for 1-2 hours
2. The time required to make the ice cream varies according to the temperature of the mixture and other factors. So you will need to check the texture of the ice cream from time to time

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Happy cooking!