Thai Delicacy: Mussels in Thai Style Sauce 泰式美食: 泰式煮青口 (簡易又惹味)


這食譜可製作出大約 4-5人的份量。

1. 青口 (1 公斤)
2. 檸檬葉 (5-6片)
3. 香茅 (3 枝)
4. 高良薑.南薑 (2 塊)
5. 紅蔥頭(3 個)
6. 薑 (3-4片)
7. 泰國蘿勒葉.九層塔 (適量)
8. 辣椒 (可選)

1. 首先把青口清潔乾淨: 在流水下清洗青口,並去除殼上的污物
2. 把香茅切段和拍打以釋放其香味和味道
3. 把南薑切細拍打以釋放其香味和味道
4. 把紅蔥頭切片
5. 處理檸檬葉: 沿主葉脈撕檸檬葉以釋放更多味道,這樣撕也可以方便取出
6. 把薑切片和拍打以釋放其香味和味道
7. 將所有香草加入沸水中
8. 用糖和鹽調味
9. 將湯底煮沸20分鐘
10. 加入已洗淨的青口,煮至所有青口開口
11. 檢查所有青口是否都已打開
12. 加入泰國蘿勒葉.九層塔混合。 然後就大功告成了!

1. 不要加太多鹽調味,因為青口本身有海水和鹽分
2. 水的份量:就足夠以覆蓋所有青口便好,不用太多,否則味道會被沖淡了
3. 香草的份量:可以隨個人口味加減


~.~.~.Recipe of Mussels in Thai Style Sauce~.~.~.

SumLook's father always cooks this dish. It is very delicious and easy to make. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Mussels (1 kg)
2. Kaffir Lime Leaves (5-6 pieces)
3. Lemongrass (3 sticks)
4. Galangal (2)
5. Shallot (3)
6. Ginger (3-4 slices)
7. Thai Basil (some)
8. Chili (optional)

How to cook:
1. First clean well the mussels by cleaning the mussel under running water and removing dirt on the shell
2. Cut and Crush the lemongrass to release the flavor
3. Cut and Crush the Galangal to release the flavor
4. Slice the shallots
5. Kaffir Lime Leaves: Tear the Kaffir Lime Leaves along the main vein to release more flavor
6. Slice and pat the ginger
7. Add all herbs into boiling water
8. Season with sugar and salt
9. Boil the broth for 20 minutes
10. Add in the cleaned mussels, cook until all mussels open up
11. Check if all mussels have opened up
12. Add in and mix with the Thai Basil leaves. Then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. No need to add too much salt to season as the Mussels already have some sea water which contains salt already
2. Amount of water: just enough to cover all mussels
3. The amount of herbs added can be adjusted according to personal taste

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Happy cooking!