Chinese delicacy: Pork Belly Stew with bitter melon and tomatoes 苦瓜蕃茄炆腩肉


這食譜可製作出大約 4-5人的份量

1. 豬腩肉 (1/2 磅,切小塊)
2. 苦瓜 (1條,切大塊)
3. 蕃茄 (2個,切大塊)
4. 鹹酸菜 (適量,切大塊)
5. 蒜頭 (3瓣)
6. 雞湯或豬肉湯 (適量)


1.1 將鹹酸菜浸泡在水中30分鐘
1.2 將鹹酸菜抺乾並切成大塊
2. 用少許醬油,糖和香油把豬肉略醃
3. 在一個大鍋裡炒醃過的豬肉和大蒜
4. 用中火炒熟豬肉,然後把肉取出,備用
5. 將炒好的豬肉和苦瓜放入乾淨的大鍋中,拌勻
6. 加入肉湯,直至剛好覆蓋所有材料
7. 加入鹹酸菜,拌勻
8. 用糖和很少的鹽調味,並用中高火煮沸
9. 煮沸後改中小火煮
10. 蓋上鍋蓋(留小空隙)炆燉至肉變軟
11. 加入蕃茄,拌勻,像之前一樣蓋上鍋蓋炆煮
12. 煮至蕃茄變軟。如有需要,可以再次調味
13. 這樣便完成了!

1. 可以只用水,不用肉湯
2. 這菜式可以變成湯。只需加多些肉湯和把豬腩肉改為排骨


~.~Recipe of Pork Belly Stew with bitter melon and tomatoes~.~.~

Sumlook's children love Siu Mai so I decided to learn how to make it. This recipe is easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can make about 4-5 persons portion

1. Pork (1/2 pound,diced)
2. Shitake mushroom (4,diced)
3. Carrot (some,finely diced)
4. Shrimp (4oz,dice)
5. Siu Mai Wrap or Wonton Wrap (about 20 pieces)
6. Soya Sauce(1 Tbs[)
7. Oyster Sauce(1/2 Tbsp)
8. White Pepper(some)
9. Salt(1/2 tsp)
10. Sugar(2 tsp)
11. Cornstarch(2 Tbsp)
12. Baking soda(1/2 tsp)
13. Water(2 Tbsp)
14. Sesame Oil(1 Tbsp)
15. Olive oil(1 tsp)

Meat:Pork Belly

How to cook:
1. First prepare the Pickled Mustard Green:
1.1 Soak Pickled Mustard Green in water for 30 minutes
1.2 Dry the Pickled Mustard Green and cut into big pieces
2. Marinate the pork with little soya sauce, sugar and sesame oil
3. Fry the marinated pork and garlic in a big pot 4. Fry the pork over medium heat until it is cooked and then take out and set aside
5. Add the fried pork and bitter melon in a big clean pot, mix well
6. Add meat broth until the broth just covers all ingredients
7. Add in Pickled Mustard Green, mix well
8. Season with sugar and very little salt. Boil over medium high heat
9. When it is boiling, change to medium low heat
10. Simmer the stew with a lid on (leave a small gap) till the meat is soft
11. Add in the tomatoes, mix well and cook with lid on like before 12. Cook till tomatoes are soft. Season again if necessary 13. Then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. Can also use water instead of meat broth
2. The dish can become a soup by adding more broth and use pork rib instead of pork belly

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Happy cooking!