Bruno Ice Cream Maker Recipe 冰淇淋機食譜: 港式奶茶雪糕.冰淇淋 Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Ice Cream

森綠曾經吃過奶茶雪糕,忘懷其美味 。所以十分雀躍要用雪糕機試做。太興的港式奶茶太好喝了,所以用了太興的罐頭奶茶來做雪糕,味道很不錯。在此分享我的食譜,做法簡單,希望你們喜歡。

這食譜可製作出 1 杯的雪糕

1. 港式奶茶 * (120 ml)
2. 淡奶油 (50 克)
3. 粟米粉.玉米粉 (10 ml)
4. 糖 (10 克)


1. 將一些奶茶與粟米粉.玉米粉混合,拌勻
2. 鍋中加入剩餘的奶茶和糖; 用小火攪拌直至糖融化
3. 加入粟米粉混合物。用最低火攪拌均勻至濃稠
4. 關火,讓混合物冷卻
5. 加入涼的淡奶油攪拌均勻至順滑
6. 用勺子幫助將混合物過篩,使其更加幼滑
7. 將混合物倒入雪糕機中,調到“醇厚”
8. 大約100分鐘後,便完成了!

1. 想為雪糕定型的話,可以將雪糕放進紙杯內並放進冰箱雪藏


~.~.~.Recipe of Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Ice Cream~.~.~.

SumLook had tried Milk Tea Ica Cream before and it was so yummy that I couldn't forget how delicious it was. And Tai Hing is very famous for its Hong Kong style Milk Tea. Therefore, I decided to use its canned Milk Tea to make the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Ice Cream with my new Ice Cream Maker.

Here is our recipe. It is very to easy to make.
Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make 1 big scoop of Ice Cream.

1. Hong Kong style Milk Tea * (120 ml)
2. Whipping Cream (50 g)
3. Cornstarch (10 ml)
4. Sugar (10 g)

*Tai Hing Milk Tea in a can is used in the video

1. Mix some milk tea with cornstarch and stir well
2. Add remaining milk tea and sugar in the pot; melt the sugar and mix well over low heat
3. Add the cornstarch mixture. Stir until it is thicken over lowest heat
4. Turn off the fire, let the mixture cool down
5. Stir in the cool whipping cream and mix well until smooth
6. Use a spoon to help sieving the mixture through a sieve to make it extra smooth
7. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker, turn to "Hard"
8. After about 100 mins, then it is ready!

Personal thought and tips:
1. To shape up the ice cream, you can put it into a paper cup and freeze it in the fridge

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Happy cooking!