Thai Delicacy 泰式美食: Thai Green Curry 泰式青咖喱



1. 您選擇的肉類 *
2. 紅色燈籠椒 (1 個)
3. 洋蔥 (1 個)
4. 四季豆 (1 扎)
5. 玉米筍 (適量)
6. 泰式茄子或茄子 (適量)
7. 泰式青咖哩醬 (1 包)
8. 泰國蘿勒葉.九層塔 (適量)
9. 椰奶 (200 亳升)
10. 魚露 (適量)
11. 水 (400 ml)
* 用醬油,糖和香油醃肉

1. 處理肉類: 視頻中用的是豬肉,先用醬油,糖和香油把肉略醃
2. 將糖、鹽和油放入一鍋沸水中,將四季豆焯至熟,然後取出四季豆,備用
3. 用中火炒醃過的肉至8成熟,然後把肉取出,備用
4. 用中火略炒洋蔥
5. 當洋蔥略軟時,加入燈籠椒,略炒
6. 加入一些水,然後加入青咖哩醬,慢慢拌勻咖哩膏
7. 轉中小火,加入椰奶並拌勻
8. 加入椰奶並拌勻
9. 加入茄子和肉,煮至茄子變軟
加入玉米筍 10. 用糖和魚露調味
11. 加入煮熟的四季豆
12. 最後加入泰國羅勒便完成!

1. 可以選擇加入自己喜愛的蔬菜
2. 除了與白飯同吃,也可以和金邊粉或中式幼麵同吃,十分美味


~.~.~.~.~.~Recipe of Thai Green Curry in English~.~.~.~.~.~

SumLook loves curry. Thai, Chinese or Japanese curry are all my favorite. For Thai curry, a lot of fresh herbs are used so it is very aromatic. The Green curry paste used in the video is the yummiest one I have tried so far (see pic below). This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Meat of your choice *
2. Red Bell Pepper (1 )
3. Onion (1 )
4. String bean (some)
5. Baby corn (some)
6. Thai Eggplant or Eggplant (some)
7. Thai Green Curry Paste (1 pack)
8. Thai Basil (some)
9. Coconut Milk (200ml)
10. Fish Sauce (some)
11. Water (400 ml)
* Use Soya Sauce, sugar and sesame oil to marinate the meat

How to cook:
1. Meat: Pork was used in the video. Marinate the meat with Soya Sauce, sugar and sesame oil
2. Add sugar, salt and oil into a pot of boiling water
3. Blanch the string beans until cooked. Take out the beans when water starts to boil again, set aside
3. Fry the marinated meat over medium heat until it is 80% cooked and then take out and set aside
4. Fry the onion over the medium heat
5. When the onion is a bit soft, add in bell pepper; fry a bit
6. Add some water, and slowly mix well the curry paste
7. Turn to medium low fire, add the coconut milk and mix well
8. Add in eggplant and meat, cook until eggplant is soft
Add in the baby corns 9. Season with sugar and fish sauce
10. Add in cooked string beans
11. Lastly, add in the Thai Basil then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. For the vegetables, you can always add in the veggie that you like.
2. Other than rice, the curry can also eat with rice noodle.

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Happy cooking!