Clam Chowder 周打蜆湯.蛤蜊巧達湯



1. 罐頭蜆.蛤蜊 (1 罐)
2. 急凍蜆.蛤蜊 (適量)
3. 甘筍.胡蘿蔔 (1/2 條,切粒)
4. 洋蔥 (1 個,切粒)
5. 西芹 (3 條,切粒)
6. 馬玲薯.土豆 (1 個,切粒)
7. 牛油 (適量)
8. 麵粉 (3/4 杯)
9. 罐頭蜆的汁 (適量)
10. 黑胡椒粉 (適量)
11. 雞湯或豬骨湯 (800 ml)
12. 煮食奶油 (200 ml)
13. 牛奶 (250 ml)
14. 百里香 (1 枝)

1. 將罐頭蜆.蛤蜊瀝乾,保留蛤蜊汁
2. 將蛤蜊汁、土豆、胡蘿蔔和西芹加入平底鍋或鍋中
3. 加入高湯,用中火煮至土豆變軟
4. 在煮蔬菜的同時,用牛油先炒香洋蔥 (1/2個),然後加入冷凍蛤蜊和罐頭蛤蜊,用鹽和黑胡椒粉調味,略炒,然後備用
5. 在另一鍋裡,加入牛油和洋蔥,用中小火略炒
6. 加入麵粉,用小火拌勻
7. 加入煮食用奶油,拌勻
8. 加入煮好的高湯和蔬菜,用中火煮
9. 把湯和麵糊拌勻
10. 加入百里香,略煮
11. 在加入蛤蜊和牛奶之前取出百里香
12. 加入牛奶,用中小火煮
13. 當湯略沸時,加入已炒好的蛤蜊和洋蔥
14. 用糖,鹽和黑胡椒粉調味
15. 拌勻。 然後便完成了!

1. 百里香會增加了香草的味道,森綠喜歡溫和的香草味,如喜歡較重香草味,可以煮百里香多久一點。
2. 以下是視頻中用的罐頭蜆.蛤蜊


~.~.~Recipe of Clam Chowder in English~.~

SumLook loves cream soup and Clam Chowder is my of my favorite creamy soup. After doing some research, I found it is very easy to cook! Below is my recipe. I hope you like it.
Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Clams in can (1 can)
2. Frozen clams (personal)
3. Carrot (1/2, diced)
4. Onion (1, diced)
5. Celery (3 sticks, diced)
6. Potato (1, cubed)
7. Butter (personal)
8. Flour (3/4 cup)
9. Clam juice (all from the can)
10. Black pepper
11. Chicken or Pork Broth (800 ml)
12. Cooking cream (200 ml)
13. Milk (250 ml)
14. Thyme (1 twig)

How to cook:
1. Drain the canned clams and reserve the clam juice
2. Add clam juice, potato, carrot and celery into the pan or pot
3. Add in the broth, boil until the potato is soft over medium heat
4. While boiling the vegetable, fry the onion (1/2) with butter, then add in frozen clams and canned clams. Season with salt and black pepper and fry a bit. Then Remove fried clams and onion from heat. Set aside for later use
2. In a pan or a pot, add in butter and onion (1/2), fry a bit over medium low heat
3. Add in flour, stir well over low heat
4. Add in the cooking cream and mix well
5. Add in the cooked broth and vegetables, cook over medium heat
6. Mix well the soup and the batter
7. Add in Thyme and boil a bit
8. Remove the Thyme before adding clams and milk
9. Add in milk and cook over medium low heat
10. When soup is about to boil, add in the fried clams and onion
11. Season with sugar, salt and black pepper
12. Mix well. Then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. Thyme can add some herb taste and smell into the soup. Personally, I like mild taste of it. If you prefer stronger herbal taste, you can leave it in the soup for longer time.
2. Below is the clams in jar used in the video

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Happy cooking!