Chrysanthemum and Pandan Drink 菊花班蘭茶: 泰式菊花茶 Thai style Chrysanthemum Tea


這食譜可製作出大約 900 ml 的菊花班蘭茶

1. 乾菊花(1/2 杯)
2. 班蘭葉 (5-6塊)
3. 冰糖 (適量,視乎個人口味)
4. 水 (1000 ml)

1. 把班蘭葉捆在一起,這樣較容易取出,但不捆也沒關係
2. 把班蘭葉放進水,然後用中火一起煮沸約20-25分鐘
3. 用熱水略沖乾菊花,以除去污物
4. 把菊花放入已煮開的班蘭水中,蓋上蓋子,關火,焗 10-15 分鐘
5. 用篩子隔去菊花和班蘭葉,只留液體
6. 把菊花班蘭水放回鍋中,加入冰糖,以小火煮至糖熔化便完成了

1. 菊花和班蘭葉可因應個人喜好改變份量,但在泰國,這菊花班蘭茶大多只有一些班蘭香氣和味道,所以森綠並沒有放入很多。


~.~.~.Recipe of Chrysanthemum and Pandan Drink in English.~.~

I always like the smell and taste of this drink since I was a kid living in Thailand. You can find this drink in a lot of small tuck shops in Thailand

Here is our recipe. It is very easy to make and very delicious and healthy. Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make around 900ml of the drink.

1. Dry Chrysanthemum(1/2 cup)
2. Pandan leaves (5-6 pieces)
3. Rock sugar (personal preference)
4. Water (1000 ml)

1. Bundle the Pandan leaves together so it is easier to remove. It is also okay not to bundle
2. Put the Pandan leaves in water and boil for 20-25 minutes over medium heat
3. Rinse the dry Chrysanthemum with hot water to remove any dirt
4. Add Chrysanthemum into the boiling Pandan water. Then put the lid on, turn off fire, leave it for 10-15 minutes
5. Remove Pandan leaves and Chrysanthemum with sieve. Keep only the liquid
6. Add the rock into the liquid and heat it up over low fire until the sugar melts. Then it is done!

1. The amount of Dry Chrysanthemum and Pandan leaves can be adjusted according to personal taste. In Thailand, the drink has only a slight Pandan taste and smell so I do not use too much of Pandan leaves.

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