Steam Pork Ribs with fermented black beans 美味蒜蓉豆豉蒸排骨 (生熟蒜齊用更可口)


這食譜可製作出大約 4-5人的份量。

1. 排骨(約 1磅)
2. 紅色燈籠椒或辣椒(1/2 燈籠椒, 或適量辣椒)
3. 豆豉(4 克)
4. 蒜頭(4-5 瓣)
5. 生粉或粟粉(1.5 茶匙)
6. 醬油(2 湯匙)
7. 花彫酒(1 湯匙)
8. 糖(2 茶匙)
9. 油或芝麻油(1 茶匙)
10. 白胡椒粉(適量)

1. 把豆豉略沖水,弄乾,並略剁,燈籠椒或辣椒切細粒
2. 把蒜頭先剁成蒜米,然後把一半的蒜米炒至金黃,連油盛起備用
3. 用1湯匙的水開一些生粉水,拌入排骨中拌勻
4. 加入醬油、花彫酒、糖、已炒香的蒜米、生的蒜米、略剁的豆豉、白胡椒粉、芝麻油和燈籠椒,與排骨拌勻
5. 醃1-2小時
6. 把排骨放入大碟中鋪平,再用錫箔紙覆蓋以免蒸氣水流入碟內
7. 視乎排骨份量,大火隔水蒸約20-45分鐘至熟透
8. 這樣就完成了!

1. 因家中有小孩,所以我用了紅色燈籠椒來代替辣椒,多少隨個人口味
2. 蒜頭和豆豉的份量也可以隨個人口味調整
3. 森綠用錫箔紙不用保鮮紙是想減少食物接觸到塑料


~.~.~.~.Recipe of Steam Pork Ribs with fermented black beans~.~.~.~.

SumLook's hubby loves this dish. So I tried to make it more yummy. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Pork Ribs(1 lb)
2. Red Bell Pepper or chilli(1/2 of bell pepper, or chilli according to your personal preference)
3. Fermented black beans(4 grams)
4. Garlic (4-5 cloves)
5. Cornstarch(1.5 tsp)
6. Soya Sauce(2 Tbsp)
7. Hua Tiao Chiew(1 Tbsp)*
8. Sugar(2 tsp)
9. Oil or Sesame Oil(1 tsp)
10. White pepper(some)
*Hua Tiao Chiew is a kind of chinese cooking wine

How to cook:
1. Rinse the blace beans a bit and chop a bit. For Bell pepper and chillie, dice it into small pieces
2. Mince all the garlice. Fry half of the minced garlic until golden, set aside
3. Mix cornstarch with 1 Tbsp of water, mix the solution with the ribs
4. Add the soya sauce, Hua Tiao Chiew, sugar, fried garlic, raw garlic, fermented black beans, white pepper, sesame oil and bell pepper or chilli to mix well with the pork ribs
5. Marinate for 1-2 hours
6. Lay the pork ribs flat on a big plate; cover it with aluminum foil to prevent the water vapor from going in
7. Depending on the amount of ribs, steam over high fire for 20-45 mintues until well cooked
8. And it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. I use bell pepper instead of chilli because the kids can't take too much spicyness. The amount of bell pepper and chilli can be adjusted according to personl preference
2. The amount of garlic and black bean can be adjusted according to personal preference
3. I use aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap to avoid the food in touch with plastic

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Happy cooking!