Green Peas and Ham Soup 火腿青豆湯



1. 青豆.綠豌豆 (500 克)*
2. 蜜糖烤火腿 (200-300 克)
3. 洋蔥 (1 個)
4. 馬鈴薯.土豆 (1 個)
5. 胡蘿蔔 (1 條)
6. 西芹 (3 條)
7. 香葉.月桂葉 (2 片)
8. 百里香 (1 枝)
9. 黑胡椒粒 (1 湯匙)
10. 蒜頭 (1 個)
11. 白酒 (100 毫升)
12. 雞湯或豬骨湯 (1 升)
* 可以用急凍青豆

1. 將已切粒的西芹、洋蔥(半個)和胡蘿蔔(半條),放入肉湯
2. 蒜頭在中間橫切一半,把整個蒜頭、月桂葉和黑胡椒粒放入肉湯
3. 蓋上蓋,中大火煮沸,然後轉中火,煮30 分鐘
4. 用篩子過濾肉湯,只保留湯水
5. 在鍋中加熱牛油後,加入洋蔥和馬鈴薯.土豆略炒
6. 然後加入胡蘿蔔,略炒
7. 當洋蔥變軟時,加入白酒,煮至僅剩少量水份
8. 然後注入上湯
9. 以中大火煮至馬玲薯.土豆變軟
10. 加入青豆.豌豆和百里香,煮沸約10分鐘
11. 去除水上的殘留物
12. 取出所有胡蘿蔔和一些綠豌豆,備用
13. 然後關火。 讓湯冷卻並取出百里香枝
14. 將涼湯放入攪拌機。攪拌湯直至幼滑
15. 把幼滑的湯放回鍋中以中小火加熱
16. 並加入早前取出的胡蘿蔔,豌豆和已切粒火腿
17. 用糖,鹽調味和黑胡椒粉
18. 用中小火把湯稍微煮沸。 然後便完成了!

1. 森綠媽媽用了急涷青豆,一樣很好喝
2. 攪拌涼湯前,要先取出胡蘿蔔因為胡蘿蔔會令湯的顏色不太好看


~.~.~Recipe of Green Peas and Ham Soup in English~.~.~

SumLook had this soup at a restaurant and it tasted quite nice. So I decided to learn how to make it. I tried to use the meat and bone of Ham Hock but the taste did not turn out good. Using the normal broth and my favourite ham actually make the soup yummy already. Below is my recipe. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Green peas (500 g)*
2. Honey roasted Ham (200-300 g)
3. Onion (1)
4. Potato (1)
5. Carrot (1)
6. Celery (3 stalks)
7. Bay leaves (2 pieces)
8. Thyme (1 twig)
9. Peppercorn (1 Tbsp)
10. Garlic (1)
11. White wine (100 ml)
12. Chicken broth or pork broth (1 L)
*  Can use frozen peas

How to cook:
1. Put diced celery, onion (1/2) and carrot (1/2) into the broth
2. Cut the bulb of garlic into halves horizontally at the center; put the whole garlic, bay leaves, and peppercorn into the broth
3. Put the lid on. Boil over medium high heat, then turn to medium fire. Cook for 30 mins
4. Strain the broth with sieve. Keep only the liquid
5. Heat up the butter in the frying pan. Add in diced onion (1/2), potato, fry a bit
6. Then add the diced carrot (1/2), fry a bit
7. When the onion is soft, add in the white wine, cook until most liquid is evaporated
8. Pour in the broth
9. Cook over medium high heat until the potato is soft
10. Add in the green peas and thyme, cook for 10 minutes
11. Remove the residues floating on top of the soup
12. Take out all the carrot and some green peas. Put aside
13. Turn off the fire. Let the soup cool down, and take the thyme out
14. Blend the cool soup until smooth
15. Reheat the blended soup over medium low heat
16. Add in the carrot and green peas taken out, and the diced ham
17. Season with sugar, salt and some grounded black pepper
18. When the soup is a bit boiling over medium low heat, it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. I have used frozen green peas and it tastes very yummy also.
2. Before blending the cool soup, the carrot must be taken out because it will make the color of the soup not so nice

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Happy cooking!