Chicken Wings in YuZu Honey Sauce 柚子蜜煎雞翼: 很容易又美味的家常菜


這食譜可製作出大約 4-5人的份量。

1. 雞翼和雞腿(約 1.5 磅)*
2. 柚子蜜 (1.5 湯匙 )
3. 蒜頭(2-3 瓣)
4. 生粉或粟粉(1 茶匙)
5. 檸檬汁(2 湯匙)
6. 醬油(1 湯匙)
7. 糖(2 茶匙)
8. 水(4 湯匙)

* 用醬油 (2 湯匙),糖(2 茶匙),粟粉(2 茶匙)和油(1 茶匙)醃製雞肉

1. 把雞腿和雞翼洗淨、拍乾
2. 用醬油,糖,粟粉和油醃製雞肉,醃約1-2小時
3. 準備柚子蜜醬汁: 把檸檬汁,柚子蜜,糖,醬油,水混合、拌勻
4. 用中小火把雞腿和雞翼煎至兩面金黃
5. 將雞取出備用
6. 炒香蒜片,然後把雞腿、雞翼回鍋
7. 略炒,然後加入柚子蜜醬汁
8. 蓋上蓋子,用中火小煨至熟
9. 期間,將雞肉翻轉到另一面以吸收醬汁
10. 煨約6至8分鐘後,檢查雞肉是否已熟
11. 將已熟的雞肉取出
12. 把火轉小,以粟粉水勾芡
13. 放入雞肉令其沾上醬汁。 然後便完成了!

1. 如想入味些,可在雞翼雞腿刺孔,但也會破壞賣相


~.~.~.Recipe of Chicken Wings in YuZu Honey Sauce~.~.~.

SumLook loves Yuzu Honey. It makes the chicken sweet and sour, which is very savory and yummy. This recipe is very easy and yummy. I hope you like it.
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This recipe can serve 4-5 persons.

1. Chicken drumsticks and wings (about 1.5 lb)
2. Yuzu Honey (1.5 Tbsp )
3. Garlic(2-3 cloves)
4. Cornstarch(1 tsp)
Yuzu Honey Sauce:
5. Lemon Juice(2 Tbsp)
6. Soya Sauce(1 Tbsp)
7. Sugar(2 tsp)
8. Water(4 Tbsp)

* Marinate the chicken with Soya Sauce (2 Tbsp), Sugar(2 tsp), Cornstarch(2 tsp) and oil (1 tsp)

How to cook:
1. Wash the chicken drumsticks and wings and pat them dry
2. Marinate chicken with soya sauce, sugar, cornstarch and oil. Marinate for about 1-2 hours
3. Prepare the Yuzu Honey Sauce: Mix well lemon juice, Yuzu Honey, sugar, soya sauce, water
4. Over medium low heat, fry both sides of chicken drumsticks and wings until golden color
5. Remove chicken from the heat, set aside
6. Fry the sliced garlic and add the chicken back
7. Fry a bit and then add in the Yuzu Honey Sauce
8. Put the lid on, simmer over medium low heat until cooked
9. In between, flip the chicken to the other side to absorb the sauce also
10. Simmer about 6-8 minutes, check if the chicken is cooked
11. Remove the cooked chicken from the heat, set aside
12. Over low heat, thicken the sauce with cornstarch solution
13. Put the chicken back to be coated with sauce. Then it is done!

Personal thought and Tips:
1. Can fork some holes in the meat to increase the favor of the meat but the appearance will not be as good

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Happy cooking!