Apple and Pear Drink 蘋果雪梨水: 滋潤飲品


這食譜可製作出大約 1000ml 的蘋果雪梨水

1. 雪梨 (2 個)
2. 蘋果 (2 個)
3. 龍眼乾.桂圓 (1-2 湯匙)
4. 蜜棗 (1 顆)
5. 冰糖 (適量)
6. 水 (1升)
* 可根據個人的喜好調整份量和加入南北杏(少量)

1. 把水果去皮切塊,用水把龍眼乾、蜜棗和南杏略洗
2. 把水煮沸,然後把蘋果、雪梨、龍眼乾、蜜棗和南杏放入
3. 以中小火煮至水果變軟
5. 如水上浮著一些雜質,用湯匙去除
6. 當水果變軟時,加入冰糖調味
7. 用中小火煮30分鐘,直至水果十分軟便完成了!

1. 也可以加入雪耳和杞子
2. 這飲品很滋潤也可以連水果一起吃,森綠和小孩在秋冬季時常喝,甜甜的小孩們會很喜歡


~.~.~.Recipe of Apple and Pear Drink in English~.~.~.

In the market, Apple and Pear Drink costs around $20 a bottle. So I decided to make it myself at home and it is very easy to make actually. The drink is sweet and yummy; adults and kids would love it. And it is very healthy, especailly best for us in Autumn and Winter when the air is dry and we easily cough.

Here is our recipe. It is very to easy. Please click on this link to see my video:

This recipe can make around 1000ml of Apple and Pear Drink.

1. Snow Pear (2 )
2. Apple (2 )
3. Dried Longan (1-2 Tbsp)
4. Candied Date (1 )
5. Rock Sugar (some)
6. Water (1L)
* Can adjust the amount of ingredients according to personal preference; can also add in some Sweet Apricot Kernel, Bitter Apricot Kernel(little amount)

1. Peel and cut up the fruit. Wash the dried longan, candied date and apricot kernel.
2. Boil a pot of water, then put all the ingredients, except Rock sugar, into the water
3. Cook with medium low heat until the fruit starts to soften
5. If there is some residue floating on the water, remove with spoon
6. When the fruit is soft, season with rock sugar
7. Cook for about 30 minutes over medium low heat, until the fruit is very soft, then it is done

Thoughts and personal tips:
1. Can also add in snow fungus and dried wolfberries
2. This drink is especially good for autumn and winter when the air is dry and when we easily cough

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Happy cooking!